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You, Only Organized.  Professional Organizer creating peace of mind by declutter what to expect

What to Expect

You will never be completely ready.  

Start from wherever you are.

~ C.J. Hayden, MCC

First Call

few basic questions will get us started. This is the best time to determine if the skillset we offer is what you need and expect. This call only takes a few minutes and then we will schedule a walk-through consultation. 


During this visit we will be asking questions, observing your space and answering any questions that you have. We may take measurements and photographs. The total time for this visit is normally 1 hour. 


Client information and services are always confidential. Before and after photos may be published only with the client's formal permission.  


From the information gathered on the walk-through we design a program specifically for you and your organizing personality. Your sessions will be scheduled.  Bookings are from 8am-5pm weekdays. Most plans begin with a 3-hour session in the morning, possibly another 3-hour session the same afternoon and so on. Simple and flexible is my motto.​ A few options to consider are:

  • Teamwork - Working together with you, side by side, we will create an organized space. During this time, we provide helpful suggestions and teach you techniques to maintain your new space.  The teamwork method also helps when you feel attached to items, need a little motivation, or just prefer working with someone by your side.

  • Guided - This method empowers you to complete most of the heavy lifting on your own time.  We start together, then, once you have the hang of it and are comfortable with the plan we leave you to your homework.  Later, we return to review, answer new questions, and start a new space.

  • Handoff - For this option we start together to gain a full understanding of your vision and then you leave us to complete the job.    


Getting organized is only half the battle. Maintaining your organized space is the key to life long peace of mind.  We can provide ongoing periodic visits to help you stay on track and discuss any new drawbacks that may arise along the journey to establishing new habits.  

But First...

First you need to reach out. Click below and let's start with a simple conversation.  

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