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Life Transition Services

Senior downsizing, illness, divorce, or

death of a loved one

Life transitions are inevitable and sometimes we all need assistance to move forward.  Life challenges can have a heavy emotional weight and/or physical limitations.  

You, Only Organized helps you mentally and physically process through items.  Maybe it is just a small closet which is filled with sentimental things, or maybe it is the entire house needing moved or sold as you downsize into a space that is possibly one quarter the size you currently occupy.

Hiring a professional organizer to assist with emotional items takes away many barriers simply because we are not related or have a history together.  You are hiring someone who has your best interest at heart, but mostly you are hiring confidentiality, respect and professionalism.

Think of us like a personal project manager.  First we carefully listen to your needs, goals and concerns.  Then we strategize and implement a plan to get the job done.  We are happy to assist with all sorts of jobs concerning your transition including scheduling movers, donation pickup and working with auctioneers.  We will also help to plan your new space and much more.  You are in control of how extensive or simplistic your project will be.

Wondering what to expect or our philosophy?  

Ready to get started?

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