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You, Only Organized.  Professional Organizer creating peace of mind by declutter a note from jean

A note from Jean

To me, organizing a space is not having everything perfect. It is having the items you love where you can easily find them and enjoy them. 

~ Jean

Writing by the Water

Hello, thank you for visiting. 

Thank you for taking time to visit. Have you ever considered that having a disorganized or cluttered space is probably not your fault? The systems you were taught are simply not working for you and your family.  I believe there are several different organizing personalities.  If your organizing personality is different than your mothers (or whoever raised you), it can be very difficult or impossible to maintain that style of organizing.  


This is why I started my business and why it is called You, Only Organized. My goal is to make the process about you and comfortable for you. Not to change you. There is an organizing system specifically meant for you. I would be honored to design and implement your program.


Since I was a child I loved to tidy and organize. Although I grew up in Grand Junction, one of my first jobs was in a large toy warehouse on the East Coast. I loved working with customers, tidying the shelves, stocking, and making grand displays of the merchandise. My enthusiasm showed and at 20 years old I was promoted to manager of a small store. Every position since has centered on some form of my organizing and people skills. I have been a surgery counselor, where I loved working with seniors to organize the details of their surgeries. For a few years I managed large city events in downtown Grand Junction. The amount of organizing before, during, and after the events was tremendous, but I loved every minute.  

Organizing homes has always been my favorite. My husband and I like to fix up houses. This means we move a lot. Every house is different, so every few years I get a whole new way to organize my stuff!  

Now I am doing what I was designed for, helping people through organization. I love what I do and my passion shows. I will respectfully be your advisor, coach, friend and strong shoulder during the transition to your new, more organized life. Don’t put it off any longer. Let’s get started!

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