You, Only Organized.  Professional Organizer creating peace of mind by declutter a note from jean

Three Rules of Work:

Out of clutter find simplicity;

From discord find harmony;

In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.

~ Albert Einstein


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Have you ever considered that having a disorganized or cluttered space is probably not your fault?  The systems you were taught are simply not working for you and your family. This is why I started my business and why it is called You, Only Organized. My goal is to make the process about you, and comfortable for you. Not to change you. There is an organizing system specifically meant for you. I would be honored to design it and implement it for you.

To me, organizing a space is not having everything perfect.  It is having the items you love where you can easily find them and enjoy them.

Did you know that specific items can cause stress, anxiety or even depression? Organizing and addressing the items in your space brings peace to your life. Disorganized spaces feel stressful and that stress carries into your relationships, work and most importantly your health. 


People are the flavor of life with different personalities, different loves and different stuff. So, let’s not talk about changing you. Instead let’s discuss your dreams of more… more time, more space, more peace-of-mind. After all, this journey is about You, Only Organized.

Give me a call and let's talk.